Boyd Specialties is proud to partner with hundreds of companies to produce many national brands. Over the past decade, we have worked diligently to help our clients build strong and powerful brands that have become a force in the marketplace.


We would love to fill this page with images of the brands that Boyd Specialties produces, however we also hold our client’s privacy in the highest value.


All clients of Boyd Specialties are protected in every aspect of business, both production and brand, by iron clad non-disclosure agreements. This practice insures that your brand remains completely your brand.


Please visit our Private Label page to learn how you can join our growing family of brands.


In addition to our private label program, Boyd Specialties also makes several in-house brands with our main brand, Carnivore Candy Jerky, standing out as a leader in gourmet quality meat snacks. With 25 flavors and a spectrum of meats, Carnivore Candy is a brand the Boyd Specialties is extremely proud of.