Boyd Specialties is currently looking for highly motivated workers for our Colton Jerky Production plant.


This job is a Manufacturing Position in USDA inspected food manufacturing facility; Duties include operating processing equipment, cleaning production facilities; packaging, utensil washing; other general production duties as required. Employee must conform to strict sanitation standards (company provides lab coats, gloves, hair and beard nets); Industry experience not required; employer will provide on-the-job training. We are a family owned and operated company that makes the best jerky in the world!


Minimum skills: Fluent spoken English; ability to read and write fluently; good eye/hand coordination; clean personal appearance; able to lift 75 pounds, reach overhead; education equivalent to 8th grade.


Personal performance standards: integrity, conscientious, detail oriented; able to work independently or with close supervision; punctual.


Hours: 40 hours per week (hours may vary, depending on production requirements, but this is a full time position)


We are a drug free workplace. Drug and background screening will be required as a part of the hiring process.


If you feel that you are a good fit for this job, please contact us at our job listing on

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