Premium gourmet meat snacks made in the heartland of Southern California. This family tradition of amazing jerky never compromises incredible quality and a passion for making the best snacks on earth.


The Boyd family has made gourmet Beef Jerky for over 60 years. When the recipe was passed down to Jae Boyd, he decided that the world needed this incredible snack. There are currently 3 generations of the Boyd family working alongside within the company.


Boyd Specialties was built from the ground up with quality and attention to detail as a driving factor. Every aspect of our production facility is a testament to that commitment. With custom fabricated stainless steel equipment, state of the art monitoring, and ovens engineered specifically by Boyd Specialties,  we take pride in offering a consistent and premium product that is unrivaled in the industry.

The heart and soul of Boyd Specialties is in the amazing people who work here. We started as a small family company and maintain the philosophy that every single employee is family, whether they are related or not!