Private Label

At Boyd Specialties we are world class leaders in helping companies and organizations realize their goals by developing a USDA approved, shelf stable meat product (jerky). Our facility has been streamlined to make the process of starting your line of jerky easy and seamless.


When you start working with us, we provide a non-disclosure agreement that protects you and your recipes during the process, keeping all of your brand secrets safe.

If you have sampled the jerky that's for sale on the market, you've probably tasted some that was made by Boyd Specialties in our plant. The non-disclosure agreement means that we won't reveal who they are and that we'll protect their secrets... just like we will protect yours.


If you have your own recipe, our master chefs will work with you to develop test batches, ensuring that the final product is exactly how you want it to taste and also compliant with USDA rules for making a shelf stable product. Many times, if you’ve been cooking the jerky in a small oven or dehydrator, the process of converting that recipe to USDA approved safety standards can cause changes in the taste or texture, but that’s where our master chef comes in. He will work with you in converting the process and marinade so that even though it is being cooked in a large USDA inspected oven, the result will taste like your home cooked batch!


If you don’t have a recipe but still want a jerky product for your store or wish to expand you existing line of products, we can help with that as well! Boyd Specialties has 25 generic flavors from which you can choose. Once you have the flavors you want, we can package that jerky under your brand’s name.

Need a label? Nutritional analysis? UPC code? It can all seem overwhelming, but Boyd Specialties has a design and marketing department that can provide everything you need to bring your product to market. Our marketing director, Robert Boyd, is an award-winning graphic designer with 20 years of experience. Whatever your company needs to get started, from labels to business cards and websites, we can help you get started and give you a winning system that will guide you to success.

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